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Ajia Allen
Jan 18, 2021
In General Discussions
Looking for funding or come across new funding opportunities? Add them here to help advance your fellow Riser. According to the National Small Business Association (, more than 27% of small businesses are unable to find the financing that is required to remain afloat. Additionally, of the 2.7 million Black-women owned small businesses in the U.S., up to 31% rely on personal funds to support their businesses, while 66% pinpoint funding as a major concern (2016 Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey). Funding is a major need for small business, along with bringing innovative solutions and products to the marketplace. Here is a list of funding resources including loan, grant, and strategy opportunities: SBA Grants Paycheck Protection Program Loan 31 Grants for Black Women Owned Businesses Black Founder Startup Grant What's your experience with the PPP?

Ajia Allen

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